Vera is an approved provider for the NCBTMB CE Course Program, currently working with p=Physical Therapists and Drs of Acupuncture to continue to work with clients who want to heal naturally.

She is a

  • Licensed Massage Therapist
  • Certified Chinese Herbalist 
  • Registered Yoga Teacher

Vera is committed to supporting all types of natural healing

Including Aromatherapy, Reiki Energy work, Crystal & Sound Healing

Unique combination of various healing massage techniques are used in her massage therapy sessions:

  • Therapeutic
  • Swedish
  • Deep Tissue
  • Shiatsu
  • Chinese Medical Massage

Consultations are comprehensive and packed with information because of her extensive background. 

Licensed for the last 18 years focusing on shiatsu, lymph drainage, energy balancing, reflexology, aromatherapy and Chinese medical massage.
Her main focus is to heal the body.

She is able to see both sides of the spectrum from natural to conventional treatments.

She combines knowledge of the body, meridians, and energy to complete the wellness program.
Though her specialty is bodywork, her knowledge of herbs and diet provides an ability to look at the person as whole, rather than segregated in parts to get a complete view of the person

She also broadens her scope to include blogging and creating radio shows interviewing Drs of natural medicine, herbalists and spiritual healers to promote preventative care in all its forms.

Mid-career she worked with names like Bernie Mac and Denyce Graves (Black American Mezzo Soprano opera singer, Kate Mulgrew...Rita Moreno... to name a few.
Her blogs, hands on workshops, radio shows, and books (that are coming out within the next year), can be used as a guide to bring you to wellness naturally

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